Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood

We aim to do what Jesus said: love God and love one another

NEXT WALK (details to follow shortly)
Below: some pictures from our walk around the Blorenge
on Saturday 26th February 2011.
We all got muddy & we all got around. Praise God!
Can any spot Reuben?
He is in there somewhere.
    Ray & Jason having a 'time out'!

Joy at the top.                                              John at the top.
Bright shining lights - at the top
Bright shining lights - from the top.

Below: some pictures from our walk up the Sugar Loaf
on Saturday 22nd January 2011.
We ALL got up and we ALL got down. Praise God!

Look out for details of our next walk.

 Hannah, Ray & Jack amongst
 some of the first to the top.






Mark - where's the Santa hat gone?
& Jason - where's your coat?!




Gwent looking as wonderful as ever!

Gaynor, Colin & the star of the show Ruby.
Cheers, John.