Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood

We aim to do what Jesus said: love God and love one another

  We are delighted to support the highly 
  successful Blackwood Street Pastors,
  which has been operating in Blackwood since October 2009.

Some of our members are regularly out on the streets on a Friday and Saturday night,
and some are part of the local management team.
The very latest news on what Blackwood Street Pastors are up to can be found on their Facebook page (click here), but before you go there, check out the following information:-

The Blackwood Street Pastors co-ordinator is 
Rev. Sue Phillips (Minister of Elim Baptist Church, Pontllanfraith). 

  She and her team of 20 
  volunteers from various
  local churches wor
k in
  groups of three or four
  in the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 2am providing help, support and a listening ear to people enjoying a night out. 
  "Sue explains, "We wear a uniform and carry
  rucksacks containing water, flip-flops and lollipops.
  We give out hundreds of lollipops 
which are
  great for calming people down.
  "Sometimes some of the girls may be a little the
  worse for wear after a
night out and have lost their
  shoes, so we give out flip-flops so they're not
  walking barefoot around the streets. We talk to
  people, h
elp calm them down, make sure that
  they're safe and give out water.
Blackwood Street Pastors can be contacted on tel: 07564 010497
or email:
Check out a news story from BBC online at here
In December, when Mount Pleasant encouraged Blackwood's Shoppers
to 'get in the picture', some of Blackwood's Street Pastors couldn't resist
(as you can see below)

For more information about this interdenominational church initiative, please check out the Street Pastors website.