Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood

We aim to do what Jesus said: love God and love one another

Prison Ministry

Through Kate, Mount Pleasant has been part of the prison ministry on a voluntary basis at HMP Cardiff since 12th April 2013.

We meet with the guys at 8.00 a.m. on the prison courtyard then make our way to the chapel.

In the years that Kate has been there ‘Christianity Explored’ and ‘Guilt and forgiveness’ are the two main courses we run. We offer general bible studies when we are not running courses.

Each week we start with a time of chit-chat, giving them time to share and enabling us to build a trust. We are occasionally asked during our tea break to talk one to one. Study often includes scripture reading, talk time and written teamwork. From time to time a video is shown.

Those who attend on a regular basis, very often express their appreciation, and thank us for being there for them, while on their way back to their cells at 11.30 a.m.