Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood

We aim to do what Jesus said: love God and love one another

Light Party : 31st October 2019

If you haven't been to a Light Party before you might have some questions, here are some possible ones and their answers.

What's a Light Party?

Light Parties are a Christian alternative to Halloween, they offer a “gentle message of how Jesus is the light of the world and that nothing dark can ever overcome it”.

What Happens at a Light Party?

We play games: examples are "dunking doughnuts" and "poke a pumpkin"!

We make crafts: examples are "light jars"

We eat lovely food: hot-dogs and cakes!

Can we dress up?

Yes, we would love you to dress up - we positively encourage it. We prefer to see costumes that are fun, pretty or heroic, rather than scary or gory. We want to celebrate Light not dark.

Is it expensive?

No - in fact our Light Party is free! We are concerned about the increasing commercialism of Halloween and parents being encouraged to spend money on plastic tat.

Is it safe?

Yes it is. Our workers and volunteers are DBS checked so there's no need to be worried about your child wandering the streets knocking on random strangers doors!

Is there a sermon?

No, but we will be telling a story about the Good News of Jesus and how he is Light in our World, today and always.

Are there sweets?

If your child is concerned that they'll miss out on the "treats" there's no need to worry - we have plenty of sweet treats for them and they get a goody bag to take home!

So what does a Light Party look like?

Here are some photos from a previous Light Party.

Light Party photo 2017

Light Party Photo 2

Light Party Photo 3

Light Party Photo 4