Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood

We aim to do what Jesus said: love God and love one another


Have you found a knitted angel whilst wandering around Blackwood? Perhaps you've picked it up and realised it's free to take home. Who has left the angel and why?

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church has joined a movement to leave knitted angels around our local town, to bless people who find them.

We want you to know that someone has prayed for you, that you might have a blessed Christmas.

We know that for many Christmas is a wonderful time, filled with fun and laughter, but for some it is a cold and lonely time, filled with grief, stress and often bitterness.

Please know that, however you're feeling this Christmas, that someone has prayed for you, the finder of this angel, that you may know God's grace and love for you, and that you may come to know Him.

If you would like to let us know that you've found an angel, please email us.