Images from a great weekend

Adam, Mark & Chris giving sweets away

Janice, Sue and Hywel giving away free hugs !

Live Music & Chinese Food

with the Tim Crahart Blues Band

Live Music with The Fuse Band

Do you know you are loved? 
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9th - 12 November 2012
good news & lots of fun in Blackwood & the surrounding area.
Here's a flavour of what it is to be BIG Hearted : this and this and


We have a Big-Hearted God.
So, we are expected to be a Big-Hearted people. 
Rev. Chris Duffett is a Big-Hearted man and, as President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, is doing a Big-Hearted Tour of the UK. He has decided to come to Wales, and spend some time in Blackwood, which is fantastic news. He is a Baptist Minister & Evangelist, an Author & Artist, a City Centre Chaplain, and regularly 'get's out there' to help people connect with the good news of Jesus. He was the man behind the 'Get in the Picture' Christmas initiative. He is married to Ruth. They have 3 children and live in East Anglia.

Rev. Mark Thomas & Rev. Chris Duffett

Christ Duffett as a City Centre Chaplain